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Go-Kart Concept Challenge is a concept category introduced by ISNEE Motorsports under Go-kart Design Challenge (GKDC). Teams registering under this event do not require to fabricate karts for event, they just have to prepare their reports and design the concept of the kart that has to be presented in front of the Judges/Experts online. Being in the design competition teams gain experience from it and learn various techniques of product design and development followed by the exposure to the manufacturing skills of the same for the main event in forthcoming years.
GKDC concept challenge subdivided into two categories
1- CV Category: Teams design the karts with engine capacity not more than 150 CC. For more details, refer to 8th GKDC Rulebook.
2- EV Category: The maximum power drawn from the battery must not exceed 6kw using maximum of 72V. For more details, follow section D2 in 8th GKDC rulebook.
Registration Start Date: 5th Jan, 2021
Registration End Date: 10th Feb, 2021
Final Event Date(s): Scheduled on 25th - 30th April,2021 according to team slots.
Event Hosting Platform: Online (Links will be provided to each team closer to the event).
Registration Fees: ₹ 7999 + 18% GST.
Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at gkdc@isnee.in